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    Use a router as a hub/ hooking to routers together.

    Ok, I'm am trying to get my network running.

    I have DSL and the modem is integrated with a 4 port wired router with wi-fi G. It is a Westell Model 327W. One windows box is directly connected to it and works fine.

    I also have a Netgear WGR614 v6 hooked up to it. I am using this router instead of a hub because I was able to get it for only $5. I have one computer connected to it and eventully I will have an Xbox 360. It is also a standard 4 port wired router with wi-fi G.

    When I first hooked them up, the lights on the Netgear lit up correctly and the computer connected to it said it was connected, but all attempts to get online failed.

    Then, I read this tutorial:

    Connecting two Routers together (joining two networks) - Qudon Foundation Computing, Mathematics & Creative Think Tank

    which told me how to turn off the DHCP on the Netgear. I followed all instructions exactly, but now the computer connected to the Netgear says it has limited or no connectivity and it still cannot access the internet.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    A home "router" like the two you've mentioned only provide routing between the internal switch and the WAN interface. On the Westell, the WAN interface is the DSL modem and on the NetGear, I am guessing it actually has an RJ45 port labeled WAN.

    The easy solution - don't use the WAN port on the NetGear.

    Just take a crossover cable and connect one of the switch ports from the Westell to one of the switch ports on the NetGear. (And keep DHCP disabled on the NetGear.)

    All of the machines will get IP's from the Westell and the setup will behave like one large network switch.

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