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    Internet Prolbems

    I cant get internet working i think its my own stupidity can someone help.
    Im trying to get internet to my laptop A20m thinkpad. the internet in my apt. is set up as fallows. Isp is comcast (i live in federal way WA) cable internet runs into somthing they called a ?surfboard? then runs to a lynksys router all the comuters in the apt 1dell 2macs 1laptop run to the router internet works on everything except my laptop when i take the ethernet cable out of my laptop and plug it into the closest mac internet runs fine.
    so i dont think its a network issue. My etheernet card is intel ethernet express or somthing like that. the strange thing is when eth0 is up, which i couldent get to start on boot, i can ping the network and machines that are turned on connected to the network but i get about 50-70 percent packet loss with a 64mb packet. DHCP works beacuse it would automaticly find the correct DNS ip and everything elese it needed. i ran about every setup connection type that made sense but coud not get any internet. i took mandrake 10 off and installed redhat 9 and have the same prolbem (except eth0 starts at boot now) Please help!

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    It seems a hardware problem...

    Hi there,

    You can have a DNS resolution problem in your laptop.

    To test that you can try to ping an IP address of a known internet connected host, in ex. (that is Doing that you must see icmp responses until you hit Ctrl + c (^C). If you get those responses you are connected to the internet and your problem is about the name resolution (DNS) on client side.

    If DNS is your problem you may edit your resolv.conf (usualy /etc/named.conf) and see if the nex two lines are in that file:

    nameserver <ip_of_your_isp_1st_name_server>
    nameserver <ip_of_your_isp_2nd_name_server>

    Try to see if your NIC and your cable are working fine.

    Please post more info...

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    thanks for your help but I still cannot get an internet connection. i tried to ping using ping (ip address) and got 100% packet loss. i dont realy know how to check if my NIC card is ok. this is another strange thing the network in my apt is to i belive the router is if a another comp is on i can ping it and get 0% packet loss its just when i ping is when i get about half packet loss so i think it might be a firewall issue with the router. the cable is fine beacuse when i plug it into a nearby computer the internet works. im out of ideas.

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    you might need to set a default gateway. if your router is then in /etc/conf.d/net:

    # For setting the default gateway
    Good luck
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    Problem solved

    it turned out to be the cable!!! just goes to show that one should not over look simple solutions!

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