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    Angry Telephone Monitoring Software


    I'm not sure if I have this thread in the correct forum... Sorry if I don't.

    I have this situation.. We rented a room in our house to a friend, and he is not suppose to use the phone. But since he started living with us, the phone bill went really up, so we are suspicious that he is using the phone when we are not around.

    I would like to know if there is a software that can monitor the phone calls. I need to know what phone has been called, how much time does the call lasts, and at what time the call was done...

    I have a laptop computer that has a modem, so I guess that this is possible if I connect a phone line to my computer.

    Any help will be really appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forums, damunoz!

    Your local phone company should be able to provide that information for you. Going through them would likely be easier than trying to monitor your phone line with a computer.

    This is just a suggestion... so let us know if you still want to pursue software options.

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    Yes, I've thought about that... But the telephone company in my country is... difficult!!! I might end up doing that instead of going through the trouble of monitoring by myself... Even thoug I would still love to know if its possible, and if so to give it a try!

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