I have a server that is currently being used as our proxy server.

I am planning on putting this system in front of our network as the gateway/firewall also.

One thing I'm not quite clear on.

i have multiple domain names pointed at our ip address.

these domains need to goto different systems on our network

for example

domain1.ourdomain.net ->
domain2.ourdomain.net ->
domain3.ourdomain.net ->

where do I set that up at??

the gateway server running the firewall has two active Ethernet connections

eth0 - incoming traffic from the internet
eth1 - connected to our network and acts as the gateway

I am using the Linux Firewall and was hoping to use Webmin 1.4 to add the rules and forwards. I am just having a hard time understanding where to put this.

from what i am understanding I need to put two rule in .. one for accepting the incoming traffic and another rule for forwarding it to the correct port.

If not, maybe I am just confused.

Thanks in advance.