I have a T1 with a block of 13 usable static IP's, xxx.145.0.2 - xxx.145.0.14, my gateway is xxx.145.0.1 and my subnet mask is and they gave me some DNS server addresses... On Gentoo I used the net-setup script, plugged in the said values and I was flying.... set it up statically on my Mac OS X server and it flies too... on a RH9 server I plugged in the data in the same manner as I did on the FC2 box in question and it also flew....

So on FC2 it has a typical way to set up networking info, I plugged in all my info into the 'Network' utility and it sadly doesn't fly, ifconfig shows eth0 as set up with the correct values but when I try to ping anything, including the router, it comes back as unreachable, my NIC is a normal realtek 8139, it gets found easily manually with 'modprobe 8139too' and is added just fine.

Do you think the NIC might actually be the issue, as in it is up and able to be 'seen' but it is just somehow malfunctioning?

Any suggestions? ANYTHING is appreciated!!!!!!!
Many thanks!!!!