Hello again.

I (as I have mentioned before) am very new to Linux, and don't know how to operate it very well. I ran into a couple problems, but first, let me give an idea of my situation.

-On a school network (T1)
-Trying to share from a Fedora core 8 to another core 8
-Using samba (although NFS has been suggested by some)

(First problem)
My computer can see my partner's computer, however, my partner's computer cannot see mine. I have googled this, but for some reason, I can find no solution to the problem (although I am sure I am looking in the wrong places)

(Second problem)
Although I can see my partner's computer, he is not sure how to make it so I can take a file from his. The only folder visible inside of his computer (to me) is called "homes". I think this may have something to do with the fact that I have "Configure (the KDE control module for samba)" and he does not. He seems to have missed a GUI while doing the Linux install.


I have received and sent files to a Windows 98 PC that is currently set up next to mine without any hassle, but once I started trying to share with my friend on Linux, it became frustrating.

Sorry for not having much knowledge about anything. I am an XP user most of the time, and have just currently been assigned to do file sharing from Linux to Linux.

Thanks for the help. Thanks for the time. Sorry for writing a novel.