I've got PCLinuxOS Gnome installed to a 4GB flash drive and it's absolutely great on my desktop computer.

I now have an Eee notebook, and its on-board Xandros/KDE works fine, more or less, but I prefer PCLOS Gnome. I also like the idea of having a "brain" that I can plug into either my office machine or my li'l travel unit when I'm on the road.

If I boot the Eee with my PCLOS Gnome, everything works great -- amazingly, really -- except for one thing: it's not seeing the ethernet cable that's jacked into the side. (I haven't gotten started with wireless yet, so I'm not going there.)

I've searched for a solution without success. The best clue I have so far is this: when I open the PCLOS Control Center, select "Set up new network interface" and click on "ethernet," I get "No device can be found for this connection type."

Just to make sure I'm making myself clear, the PCLOS connects on my desktop machine, the Xandros connects on my notebook machine, but the PCLOS does not connect on my notebook machine.

Clues, anyone? I haven't got one.