I have a folder setup through zeroconf in KDE and in theory, anyone (how knows the number) can access it... I would post the address but I wonder if that might be a bad idea... would it? If not then I will and you all can try it...

Anyways, one question is is it possible to write to the folder over the network? For a comparison example, with a samba share if write is enabled anyone connected can write to it and it is stored on the host system. Is this possible with this type of network (zeroconf)? Sorry if this is really stupid... I'm new to this

The second question is how to set this up from Gnome... I am in KDE right now and it was extremely easy - just pick a folder, enable the applet and it was done, but how would one do this in Gnome (on another system - Ubuntu 7.04)

UPDATE: I have SSH doing everything it needs to now, so this can be deleted now (if someone wants)