I have client that will changing provider as I stated in my previous email. Right now, this server has two ip and two gateway. 1 from telcoA and 1 from telcoB (new provider). Right now, primary gateway which is metric 0 is gw of telcoA and telcoB is the secondary as metric 1. This has a running apache tomcat. Port 80 no doubt is open for both ips. I have configured www2.domain.com to ip of telcoA and www6.domain.com to ip of telcoB. Now, if I browse www2 its ok but when I browse www6, it is not available.

If I reverse the gateway, primary is telcoB and secondary is telcoA, I can view www6.domain.com but not www2.domain.com.

Do you think both telco is not allowing other network? bgp?

Is their a way to reroute lets say if someone try to visit www2.domain.com, it will use telcoA gateway and www6.domain.com will use telcoB?