I've been searching for many hours for a solution to my problem with no luck. The articles or topics I found were for ethernet connections mainly.

I have two dialup internet connections set up in my Ubuntu 7.10. Both connections use two separate USB modems (one is my GPRS cell phone "ttyACM0", other is CDMA phone "ttyUSB0") configured with wvdial.

I need to increase my downloading speed when I am connected to both connections. As far as I can think, it can be either accomplished by setting up a proxy service, which will use both connections one by one, or by some other way (iproute2 or something?). But I am sure that it is possible in Linux.

I did the proxy method for sometime in Windows, by using trial of Wingate, and setting up a proxy service in it on a specific port on my localhost, and then using these proxy settings in my download manager, which gave me combined speed of both connections. I think the way this worked was that some of the concurrent connections were made by one connection, and some by the other.

I am really hoping I'll find some answers from you guys.

Thanks in advance.