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    Network Management Questions

    I'm reading this book Top Down Network Design by Priscilla Oppenheimer and she lists a few things in chapter 9 that puzzle me.

    With UNIX and Cisco IOS operating systems, a traceroute packet is a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) "probe" packet sent to a high port number, in the 33,000 to 43,000 range.
    Why the high port number? Thanks!

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    Google is your friend.

    Base UDP port. The packets traceroute sends are UDP packets targeted at strange port numbers that nothing will be listening on (we hope). The target host should therefore ignore the packets after generating port unreachable messages. Port is the UDP port number that traceroute uses on its first packet, and increments by one for each subsequent packet. My traceroute uses 33434 (yours probably does too). Change this if a program on the target host might be using ports in roughly the 33434-33534 range.

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    Thank you so much for your reply! I actually did Google and I guess that I didn't use the proper keywords. Thank you again!

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