I have an SSH server at home and want to log in to it from school behind a proxy that only allows connections on port 80. However, the ISP for my home doesn't allow forwarding of port 80. Therefore, I need to have my SSH server at home listening on a port other than 80. At the same time, I need to connect to this SSH server at school over port 80 (since that is the only port open). I was told that the best way to do this is with port redirection. I configured a DynDNS account with a port redirection via WebHop. When I connect to the visitor host in my browser, I am properly redirected to my server on the correct port; however, this does not work when trying to ssh from the terminal. I was told that this is because the WebHop server has some intermediary prompts that the browser handles fine, but SSH does not. Is there any way to get this working, or is there another way for me to login to my ssh server using port 80 and then being redirected to a different port. (I believe that the port redirection needs to be done before the connection reaches my ISP, since they are the ones blocking port 80) In advance, thanks for your help.