I have a Firewall FC5 iptables 2 NIC's External "Internet" ETH0 and Internal ETH1
ETH0 196.20.2.x structure ------- ETH1 192.168.1.x structure
my HQ LAN to ETH1 out to the internet works perfectly
I also have a proxy server on the same box
My Problem
I have a routed LAN/WAN BranchA "192.168.2.x structure via leased line Cisco router to my HQ LAN 192.168.1.x
From BranchA i can ping the firewall box ETH1
I can browse from the BranchA via Proxy to the web, i can not pick up email from the internet via the firewall from BranchA
BUT i can from HQ as the FW is the desktops gateway address
My Question
can i achieve this via iptables to fetch email from BranchA from the internet and can you please point me in the right direction to achieve this