I am using iptables V1.3.7, and Linux kernel V2.6.21-3 on a ppc arch.

All I am trying to do is redirect all TCP traffic from any port to port 2000. On port 2000 I just have server just outputting data received.
note: exg0 is my Ethernet interface

The rule I use is:
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i exg0 -p tcp -j REDIRECT --to-ports 2000

The rule is added fine. My client connects with no problem and I am able to send data fine up to and including 24 bytes of data (as many times as I want). Once I send 25 bytes or more my server no longer receives the incoming packets, however I see the packets coming across using tcpdump and I added a rule in my INPUT chain to LOG when destined for my IP (exg0) address and port 2000.
I have tested this on my local linux box and this works fine. However, on my hardware for my project I see this problem. Does anyone know what configuration setting or possibly were do I start looking to fix this?

Thanks for your help...