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    Cannot Connect to Access Point on my wireless laptop

    I am running Slackware 10 with a Orinoco Gold Classic with the drivers. I cannot access my wireless router.
    I turned off WEP on the router and I just cant seem to get connected.
    I did notice that when I run Kismet, I see my AP running on channel 6 (2.437GHz) and when I type in #iwconfig on my laptop, it shows as being "Frequency:2,457GHz" Access Point: 44:44:44:44:44:44
    Which is channel 10.
    If I type in #iwconfig eth0 freq 2.437GHz
    I get a message saying "Operation not supported". Even if I try to change the Channel I get the same thing.
    #iwconfig eth0 channel 6
    I get a message saying "Operation not supported"

    Does this mean I need to get a different card or different drivers for this to work?
    How do I change the channel and stuff so I can connect to my internet?

    I even tried adding a static IP address
    #ifconfig eth0 netmask
    and I can only ping myself.

    The only reason I can see the reason why I am not getting connected is because of the Channel I am on. I have the default ESSID set and No WEP. (just for testing)
    IP address is 192.168.0.x default range with the AP as
    My SSID says "default"

    Any help would be great!


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    Okay after doing some troubleshooting on this problem I came up with more direct questions to ask. Please point me in the right direction so I can find out why this is happening.

    How do I set my wireless card to obtain an IP address automatically?

    How do I prevent my wireless card from obtaining a “IP address”, “SSID name”, and “BSSID Access Point number” automatically?

    How do I change the frequency my wireless card is trying to connect with?

    What information besides the SSID should I configure on my laptop to access a wireless AP? (No WEP)

    I am running Slackware 10 with a Orinoco Classic Gold card and the “Orinoco Monitor Mode Patch” with it. My wireless card is “eth0” and my LAN card is “eth1” (I normally do a “ifconfig eth1” to turn the card off)


    I have this Linksys wireless router. When I turn on my laptop and boot into linux, it automatically picks up the “inet addr”, “Bcast” and “Mask” (shows under #ifconfig eth0), ESSID and BSSID Access Point number (shows under #iwconfig eth0) of my wireless router.

    That’s fine when I am at home but I don’t want it to automatically renew with the closest AP when I am out. How do I turn this off? How can I control when this will automatically renew and when not to?

    If I start linux without my wireless router around and I do a “ifconfig eth0” it shows no IP or netmask. If I do a “iwconfig” there is no ESSID and the BSSID Access Point is shown as 44:44:44:44:44:44 (That’s all good!)

    I then run Kismet and turn on my Access Point. Kismet picks up my Wireless Access Point quickly. It shows up in yellow even though its set for the factor default. (Well the way it came out of the box) I don’t know why its not red though.

    I see the correct information about my AP and I quit out of Kismet and check the “ifconfig eth0” setting. It still shows No IP address.
    I do a “iwconfig eth0” and it shows the SSID name “linksys”, the BSSID Access Point number, and frequency “6” automatically populated by the wireless AP.

    So part of the information is getting to my settings but not the IP address.
    When I try to do a “dhcpcd eth0” it just freezes up until I do a control+c to get out of it.
    Then the card shuts off. I have to do a “ifconfig eth0 up” to bring it back up but it still does not have an IP address.

    I have also check my /etc/pcmcia/network.opts file and it shows that DHCP is set to “n” for no.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank You

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    XO1A4 try editing the file /etc/pcmcia/network.opts in an editor and set the "n" to "y" to allow network autoconfiguration by DHCP. Then reboot and run through the same process you described above.

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    This thread is over 3 years old already so it's doubtful that the original poster is still looking for solutions.

    Locking thread...

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