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    connectivity problems

    Hey guys I have a RHEL 5 server and for some reason the internet service seems to be flaking out. I recently tried to ping the server and got no response, yet when I go to the server and open a web browser the ping request will start getting replies. So I'm thinking that some service is just going into sleep mode or something. Anybody have an idea what it might be? Or what logs I could check?



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    Re:connectivity problems

    Hi Evan, please check weather your dynamic host configuration protocol status in "static" or "dynamic", if its in "static" please change it to "dynamic" using insert key to edit your configuration table. after, changing status save your configuration file using :wq (with save) and after saving restart your service using this command : service dhcpd restart, and once again restart your network. after finishing these things please check weather your IP is assigned to dynamic. To check simply type "ifconfig". Please check these procedures.....
    kerry woods
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