Hi. I'm trying to get an rtl8169 pcmcia card running under a 2.4.20 system that current uses pcmcia-cs 3.2.4 to drive a Linksys card just fine. The Linksys would be retired when the 8169 is working. 2.4.20 doesn't have kernel pcmcia support (and I've had trouble with kernel pcmcia on a different system running 2.6.X). I've found the realtek drivers (r1000.o and r8168.o). The former can be insmod'd and loads (shows up in /proc/modules) but has I/O base 0 and irq 0. The latter complains and won't load due to the base and irq situation (both compile OK).

The (netgear) pcmcia card itself (with the 8169 chip) is properly identified by the pcmcia card ID tool.

Any clues on getting further with this would be appreciated. Thanks!