Hi all,

I'm looking to buy one of these ASUS EEE PC 701 Intel Celeron Mobile CPU 512MB 4GB 7" WLAN Linux 24 months UK warranty(6 months warranty in Battery), collect and return within UK - Black - Ebuyer from ebuyer- 4GB hard drive with Linux pre-installed.

I basically want it to play about with on my home network. I have no room for another desktop, so I want to try controlling things from a laptop. We have this great program called LAN View 3 at work, which runs on a windows machine and can be used to remotly shut down, take control of a PC etc. I was wondering if there is a similar program for linux i could use- it would be to control linux and windows PC's.

While i'm asking about this laptop, i see they also do a 2gb version, so linux will squeeze into 2gb. Does Linux have as standard or can you get a program to reduce the size of the partitions so i could install windows 2000 and dual boot?

Thanks, Baxio