I'm using TS 2.1. It's very good soft I used this system as RDP Client in many NC's and working great.

But I've a problem because I want to implement OpenVpn Server and OpenVPN Client on TS 2.1 systems.
OpenVPN part is OK, it's working I communicate through router and switch, but for many days I have a problem w iptables in TS.

When I'm trying use this iptables:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT

I receive an error:
No chain/target/match by that name

But When I'm using this command:
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT

everything is OK.

From lsmod on TS I've got those modules:

But I think I've problem with adding module 'ipt_state' or "xt_state". I can't load those modules.
I'm using kernel with TS 2.1

Could You help me with this. Is it necessary to repair this without recompile whole kernel ? I want to implement Openvpn with firewall so states module are neccesary.

I'm checking thinstation forum, general linux forums, google search without success.

Could someone help me ? It's important for me to use TS because I'm using Compact Flash IDE 32 MB as storage.

I tried on Thinstation 2.3 beta 2 version but I've got the same problem too.

Thank You for any suggestions and help related with my problem,

Have a great day,
Tomek , email: tomekpawlak <<at>> gmail <<.>> com