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    Total Linux Newb + Port Forwarding on IPTables

    Hey All,

    1st off, I am a TOTAL Linux newbie. I only know really simple things like loging in, using the internet, and opening files, etc. A Linux Idiot. I'm not too bad on Windows & Mac mind you. Anyway, My Dad has set up a Linux Fedora Core 7 computer as a firewall, using IPTables to allocate IP addresses, etc. but the problem with this, is that certain ports, such as my bit-torrent port, svn port, certain gaming ports, aren't getting through the firewall and to my computer, and he is way to lazy to do it (been waiting about 8 months for him to open them). I have the router/modem configured correctly, i just need to know; How would I open port 18537 and 3690 (and for future reference, how to open any other port of my desire) on the Linux Box with IPTables? I know opening ports isn't exactly a smart thing to do cause it can let in viruses, etc, but I'm responsible enough to realise it's my fault. So, if someone could tell me exactly how to do this, in simple terms, i would be GREATLY, EXTREMELY Thankful.

    Thanks Very Much,

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    iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 18537 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 3690 -j ACCEPT

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    Thanks for your Reply. What do i do with this though? Paste it into the iptables file? execute it in the shell/kernal/terminal thing?


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    Exactly for this purpose I created a small script which opens/closes ports on a linux router because my kids also asked me to open some ports on my linux router for their games.
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