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Thread: Dial in account

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    Dial in account

    I'm currently setting up several servers for a organization, they want to have access to there files from home (easy enough) I was thinking of just doing an FTP, but the other thing i started to think about was dial-in connections when they are not at home (ie hotel) anyone have an idea of the basics of what I would need to set up for the computer to listen on a phone line, then answer and prompt for a login? Then give them access to a bash shell, or something of the like? The other possibility is a VPN, but I don't know much about VPN, and have never used it before. Any ideas on how to do this, or just a point in the direction of a program would be helpful.
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    You could do that using direct modem Hayes sommand. I will look it up but I think that you set your modem to answer incoming calls by echo "ATA" > /dev/modem after initizlizing it.

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