I am trying to do some automounting of NFS shares when users login. I currently have it working so that when the user logs in on any of the machines on my network, their home directory gets mounted from our server. That is fine and working how I want it to.

Now what I would like to do is setup some additional mount points under their home directory depending on what group they are in.

I have two groups on our server that everyone falls into (Kids and Adults). Kids are allowed to read most NFS exports but they can't delete files. Adults are given full access to all NFS exports. Also I have some NFS exports that need to go out to the Adults like financial folders that the Kids do not get access to.

So using our Music directory as an example. I want this folder to be mounted under /home/user/Music for each user as they login. I have tried all sorts of items but I can't get it working.

In my auto.master file I have the following:
/home /etc/auto.home

In auto.home I have this:
* ipaddressofserver:/home/&

I finally figured out that putting anything after this line doesn't work as autofs stops reading this file once it matches a valid mount point with the * key. I can't put the Music mount before this line as the home directory hasn't been mounted yet.

I have also tried creating a different map file and putting it under the /home map in auto.master, but I can't figure out how to set that up.

Doing this give me nothing at all, not even off root:
/Music /etc/auto.music

* ipaddressofserver:/Music

I have googled all last night and most of this morning. I found some variables that are supposed to expand to say user or home when used, but I can't seem to get them to work either. I have tried both /home/$USER/Music and /$HOME/Music and I still get nothing.

Thanks for any input or suggestions.