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    what kind of ethernet card do you use(chipset??).all new kernels like 2.6.XX and above support a wide variety of chipsets.
    so if it not recognised check first if you have loaded the right module in kernel going to /usr/src/linux and typing in a terminal make menuconfig or make xconfig..after the check if you found your module there and selected it recompile the kernel in order to make your nic to work...
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    An easy way to determine what card youre using is:

    $ lspci | grep Ethernet

    Also what does /etc/init.d/network start (if you dont have a init script network there you may have eth0 or net.eth0, 1, whatever) return?

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    Hello Everyone

    I am also getting the same problem with the ethernet interface.
    I tried dmesg but it did not displayed anything.
    I then inserted eepro100 but got
    not allocationd device_blk for non ethernet eth0.
    Please help me out.
    Bye Rohit

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    Problem istalling on my Laptop

    Hi friends

    I am trying to install RedHat Enterprise and RedHat 9. Its a Compaq Presario V3030 with 100gb harddrive.

    It is showing there is no harddrive found.
    I think the hard disk driver is not supported in Linux.

    It had earlier a licensed version of windows Xp.

    Please guide me how to do that.


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    Well some first options would be:

    lspci - this will show what is connected to your computers PCI slots, if you do not see anything saying ethernet it will most likely be a hardware issue.

    lsmod - if the card shows in lspci then use this command to check if the module is loaded

    /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 - this script holds all the info assigned to the card, make sure this is right, it will either have dynamic or static info.

    ifup - this will only work if everything is working right, but worth a try

    these are some of the most ovious all others you need use google to find the answer, cause google knows all!!!

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