After having been encouraged by a Verizon tech support guy to use Linux, highly recommending it as being the safest (kudo to him) and signing up for Verizon DSL, I was unable to get the connection.
After several hours of fighting with tech support and repeated "we don't support Linux", I was ultimately told that the only thing I could do was cancel my subscription. (I find it ironic that the first pop-up I saw on this forum was for Verizon DSL)

That's when a Google search brought me to this site
Getting the most out of your computer system(s): Verizon DSL "Doesn't Support Linux!!" It works just fine if you can connect to the modem.

It saved my life, so I thought I'd pass it along.
One word of caution, though: when asking the CS tech to create a user name for you, ask him/her to create the user name you'd like to use. I may have done something wrong in the subsequent steps, but I now have a weird user name I can't change.
Hope it'll help you!