The external DNS server for our domain "example.com" is provided by our ISP. We have mail, www, ftp machines hosted by another hosting company.

Now we have a machine on our LAN that is available on the internet (hostname is "members.example.com"). We have the external DNS setup correctly for "members.example.com" at our ISP.

However for internal users to get to "members.example.com" we now are running a private internal DNS server. It is on CentOS 5.1 (it is actually the same box as "members.example.com").

How do I configure the internal DNS server to:
1. resolve "members.example.com" to it's LAN address.
2. forward ALL other "example.com" requests to our ISP's DNS server.
3. forward ALL other DNS requests to our ISP's DNS server.

So the internal DNS server's sole purpose is to handle name requests for "members.example.com" and forward all other requests to the ISP nameserver.

Any ideas on how to configure this using BIND 9?