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    Using Bond Interfaces using Dual Wan

    Hi Guys..

    Quick taught.... just thinking if it will work..

    If you bind 2 eth cards... each having their own Internet connection... lets say cable1 and cable2.. and result with bond0

    Will your internet download speed double??? Or will it be used as a loadbalancer... failover?


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    The short answer is no, for most cases. You would notice more gains with downloads using multiple streams (I have heard BitTorrent benefits nicely from this, haven't confirmed though).

    Typically, as each interface will have its own IP address, the server you are fetching from will only have a session active with one interface. So if you have two 5mbit connections, any single stream would max out at 5mbit (less overhead and such), but you would still have 5mbit available to allocate to whatever.

    If you need any information on this, I put together a guide on dual WAN setups for Linux awhile ago. It should work with any distribution, since it doesn't require any unusual packages.

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