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    IPTABLES, Squid and Firewall

    Hi all, i'm new for this forum and i want to thanks in advance all the people will help me.
    I'm tring to putting up a firewall with fedora 8 using iptables and squid.
    At now i have this situation: Firewall server with 3 nic: eth0 is public with an IP given from my provider. This nic is directly connected with router and everything works fine. ETH1 (ip as 192.168.64.X) is connected to a LAN switch and every client use this ip as default gateway and everything works fine. ETH2 (ip as 192.168.32.X) is connected to a web server in a DMZ. I need to set up some firewall rules that ensure traffic to the lan and to dmz. I put up some NAT rules and i want to ask if someone can help me in this case: filter tables are bypassed if nat rules are active? I need to nat web server with some port like 80, 443, 25 and so on.. but i think i've made some mistakes because some services doesn't work: if i set default INPUT policy to DROP for eth0, i cannot reach server from LAN trough ssh.
    Any suggest is very appreciate. Thanks in advance

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    Hi RiscomSRL and welcome to the forums. From the command line, do:
    If you need more options, maybe consider a nice outside front end app for security like Guarddog which is what I prefer...
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    thank you for your reply

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