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    share IP between linux box and PC's

    Can someone have me to share internet connection among afew machines with multiple OS.

    I have a PC with window 2000. It has a wireless connection to a wireless router in a different room. I named two IP's for this machine:
    the wireless connection is 192.168.1.* DHCP enabled
    the LAN connection is, mask

    this PC is also connected to two linux boxes through a hub. Those two have red hat 7.3. The connection are valid, I can do programming work on linux boxes through EXCEED and putty.

    The problem is for those linux boxes, I could not connect them to internet

    Any one can help?


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    Usually do simply allow:

    A> For "network masqurading" but changing the networking card (wired ethernet card) and...

    B> Change the Linux firewall to allow such activity from the other linux systems.

    RedHat 7 is pretty old, so I don't have the details at hand to help you step by step, but I am sure you can simply do so by looking for the key word "Masquerading" (assuming I have spelt it correctly) in the RH7 Setup.

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    My suggestion would be to set up a bridge on the win2k machine. I'm not sure how to do this with W2K, but in WinXP you select all the relevant network devices in the 'network connections' folder, right click, and choose 'add to bridge'.

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    cant you hook all the machines to the router or failing that hook them upto a switch that is connected to the router? your router is dchp so it will give the two linux machines ip's and internet access

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    Set up Internet Connection Sharing on the Win2000 machine.

    How To Set Up Internet Connection Sharing in Windows 2000

    Set the others to use it as their default gateway.

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