Hi. I recently bought a D-link DUB-E100 USB ethernet adapter (not wireless) since the onboard ethernet on my laptop is having problems. With new hardware, I decided to get around to upgrading like I had been planning for a while.

With a simple load of the usbnet module, I had no problems with a network install of Suse 9.1 going through the new adapter. However....

Upon completion of the install, I can no longer use the USB ethernet adapter. The onboard ethernet shows up and works (at least as well as usual). The DUB-E100 shows up as well, but as a modem. Since it is not actually a modem, this makes it utterly useless.

The usbnet module is loaded.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get it to recognize as a ethernet adapter and not a modem. I haven't found anything around to explain this to me.

Any suggestions?