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Thread: LAN setup

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    Question LAN setup


    I was wondering how to set up a (mini)LAN using 3 or 4 computers.
    This is whats available to me:
    -I've installed ubuntu server on one machine intending to make that my server.
    -2 other PCs,one runnin windows and the other ubuntu desktop.
    -an internet connection
    -university network LAN
    I wish to create an intranet within the uni LAN,2 or 3 PCs serviced by ubuntu server.

    How do i get started?what components of the ubuntu server do i need to install...DNS,DHCP,apache2..?I googled for DHCP configurations n stuff..but realized that I need to get the basic concepts right.....Please help....


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    plug the machines into a router and then turn apache on. now you have an intranet.

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    You are talking about web server, assuming you have some sort of modem and you want to connect your network to the internet? Also assuming you have only one public IP address. Has this modem built-in NAT router?

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    Question connecting to the internet


    How do i connect to the internet(available via my university LAN network) .I've installed the ubuntu server edition,so looking for configurations from command line..Thanks in advance..


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    i guess your university LAN has a dhcp server. in this case if your NIC is supported when you boot Ubuntu you will have your connection right there.
    if for any reason you dont get connected after bootup you will need to give information about your NIC.
    make sure you ethernet cable plugged and run the following command and post the output
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