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Thread: upload cap

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    upload cap

    I reaally need to cap my uplad speed in mandrake 10 because when i upload my download rate drops to 1 or 2 and i have 128/32k adsl connection shared on a winxp machine on a network. i dont have a router i just use the shared connection here... well i'm also a newbie for linux but moderate in windows please me what to do

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    A little digging turned this up:

    Basically, you use QoS (which is a kernel module) to throttle the bandwidth. The above link explains how to do this in detail (probably more than you want ).
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    heyy thanx a lot for the link dude its been just a few days i joined this forum and i started to love it

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    well I got to a point where I cannot divide the upload and download traffic so i can cap one
    here is what im doing:
    tc qdisc add dev eth0 root handle 1: cbq avpkt 1000 bandwidth 100mbit
    tc class add dev eth0 parent 1: classid 1:1 cbq rate 20kbit allot 1500 prio 5 bounded isolated
    tc filter add dev eth0 parent 1: protocol ip prio 16 u32 match ip dport 4662 0xffff flowid 1:1
    tc filter add dev eth0 parent 1: protocol ip prio 16 u32 match ip sport 4662 0xffff flowid 1:1

    if i enter only one of the last two then nothing works but iwhen both entered it also limits the download along with the upload....
    how can i do it any ideas? yes im doing it for edonkey as with the 4662 port

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    edonkey clients have "build-in" dl/ul cap

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