OK I just installed Ubuntu. I must admit that it looks nice and all.. somewhat slower than XP Home is.. maybe it's just my imagination. It definitly loads up faster than XP Home though.

My adapter is connected to my PC via USB.

I clicked on the double monitor thing (network thing) up top right, I find Linksys. I select the 128 option, and I input the 26 digits I selected when I set up my router (I'm sure that what I entered was correct). The two monitors go away and they are replaced by two circles and a little thing orbiting them.

The bottom left circle is green and the other is gray.

After a little while the thing asks me again for my passphrase, so I input it.

I know that the pass phrase is correct because (1) I've written it down before (2) I tried connecting another device to the internet again with it and I did.

Can anyone please help?