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    Network connect to Synology USB Station

    I've just installed Ubuntu 8.04 and I want to connect to by Synology USB Station.
    The Synology website doesn't say it supports Linux for the USB Station and the firmware version is wrong to allow me to use their documented workaround for their other devices.
    I hoped and expert out there could advise me on how to set it up.
    A port scan shows the device as: Open HTTP (this will be the web interface) open netbios-ssn open microsoft-ds open printer
    All other ports are closed.

    I have a 350 gb drive attached to the device that is ext3 formatted and an Epson printer.

    The device supports FTP, but I haven't enabled it. Not sure if that helps.
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    Well, lots of playing and I've had a major success.
    I entered the following command from a terminal

    sudo mkdir /etc/win

    Then edited /etc/fstab with

    // /mnt/win cifs defaults 0 0

    And now I can see the network attached drive via the file browser in File System /mnt/win

    Fantastic, really pleased with myself.

    Now I have the next stumbling block.

    Firstly, how to do the printer. I want Cups to see it, don't know if this is right but I've done sudo mkdir /etc/printer and added to /etc/fstab

    // /mnt/printer cifs defaults 0 0

    However, it doesn't matter if I use // or /mnt/printer when defining to cups, I can't seem to see the printer.

    Secondly, how do I make the /mnt/win file system easier to see? I was thinking of something along the lines of drive mapping in windows to I can identify it easier in the file browser.

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    Same problem...

    I'm running Linux Mint Elyssa with a Synology Disktation 107e.
    I'm able to mount and use the disk on the diskstation from Mint without any specific configuration, but I'm stumped on the USB printer here too....

    The printer config wizard is not able to connect to the Diskstation, giving the following trace:

    Page 3 (Local or remote?):
    {'printer_is_remote': True}
    Page 4 (Remote address):
    {'remote_server_ip_address': '', 'remote_server_name': ''}
    Page 5 (Check network printer sanity):
    {'remote_server_connect_ipp': False,
    'remote_server_try_connect': ''}

    Anyone got any ideas on this?

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    Yeah... of course I fixed it the following minutes after above post...
    On Mint at least; go to Control Center -> Printing -> New Printer -> Windows Printer via SAMBA.
    Enter smb://<diskstationIP>/usbprinter and you're basically home free...

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