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    Post One machine/ip, multiple domains, multiple webservers.

    I need some help.

    I've got three domains. Two of which point to my personal webserver. But the other one points to my personal zimbra mail website.

    I have two web servers running on the same machine.
    Abyss Webserver X2 personal free edition running port 8080
    Apache which came with the zimbra collaboration suite running on port 80.

    We'll call this The Server.

    The router is setup to forward all request to *The Server.*

    Any request for public port 80 goes to *Personal webserver*

    Any request for public port 8080 goes to *Zimbra mail apache*

    The domains:
    Domain 1&2 point to the personal webserver, which one of the domains will be dropped since I won't be needing it anymore in the next couple of months.

    domain3 points to my zimbra mail website.

    problem: I only have one ip.

    I need to take domain3 and add 8080 at the end just to get to the mail site.
    If I don't, it'll just take me to my personal webserver.

    What I want to do is just type domain3 without having to specify the port and be taken to the apache mail server and not my personal webserver.

    I also want to straighten out the port scheme.

    Its a weird setup I know.

    Is there anyway to route the domains so they go to the ports they need go at the localhost?

    domain1 \
    domain2 >router > > server:80 > D1=8080 D2=8080 D3=80
    domain3 /

    Something like that.

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    Why don't you setup all the web pages that you server out on one server and then let Apache router them to the pages they need to goto according to the URL? Then the only port needed is 80.


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