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Thread: samba and nfs

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    samba and nfs

    My 2 linux computers are connected to the company network.
    I can mount one dir of one machine from another machine using

    mount //machin1/home/share /mnt/drive

    Is this "mount" command using samba or nfs?

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    Most likely you are using nfs command, but you may want to check from your client side using this:
    # showmount -e enterprise5 - to check the list of shared directories from the enterprise5 computer

    # mount -t nfs enterprise5:/mnt/inst /mnt/remote

    This command mounts the /mnt/inst directory from the computer named enterprise5.

    But if you run this command first:
    # smbclient -L sambaserver -U root
    If you're on a Linux computer, use the /sbin/mount.cifs or mount command (depending on whether you're regular or a root user) to configure the remote [homes] directory share on an empty local directory. For example, as the root user, you could mount on the local /share directory (create it if required) with the following command:
    # mount -o username=root "//sambaserver/homes" /share
    Then you're using samba.
    Do you install samba and nfs at the same server?
    You may check by running:
    # service smb status or # service nfs status

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    is there any benefit to use nfs rather than samba if both machine are linux?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ufmale View Post
    is there any benefit to use nfs rather than samba if both machine are linux?
    I found samba is a little bit easier to configure. But it's just my personal opinion. Furthermore I've never done something on enterprise level. Only small home network for personal use.
    mount //machin1/home/share /mnt/drive
    AFAIK this is a command to mount samba share. With NFS you should use

    ip-of-the-server:/path/to/share /mnt/share

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