Sorry for the ambiguous title, but my problem is this: My ISP uses a transparent proxy which just throws back errors as soon as I try to go anywhere that's been defined in my host file... example:

Host entry for "my-eu-server" pointed to

Browsing to "my-eu-server" should work in any normal circumstances, however when the request hits the transparent proxy, the proxy merely replies that the hostname doesn't exist.

Ideally what *should* happen is that Squid should get the request, fail at the name resolution, and as a result pass the request on ontouched (which would then find its way to, along with the "my-eu-server" host header and apache would give me the right vhost and all would be merry).

Can Squid be configured this way, i.e. to let requests go through untouched if it is unable to resolve them or act on them in any way?

If anyone could help me solve this it'd be a huge help. Basically my plan is to tell the proxy admin at my ISP how to do this properly.