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    Question ISA pnp nic adaptor in linux help...

    Hello all,
    I recently got a old compaq 866 from a family member,
    and it contains:
    - had - Windoze 98
    66 MHz i486 Processor
    32 Mb ram
    3 gb maxtor hd
    and a scsi cdrom running off a sound card, (haven't figured how to make that work yet)....
    i did a poorman's install of dsl (damnsmalllinux) and i got it installed to the hd...

    256 mb swap = /dev/hda1
    and the rest to "/" = /dev/hda2

    and i can't seem to get the stupid nic to work....
    i got the nic off of ebay about a year ago as a lot
    (a mix of pci and isa cards in the lot)
    anyway, i threw the nic in the computer and found it won't auto-detect it
    and then i did a little google searching and tried the "ne" driver useing "modporbe ne io=0x300 iq=3"

    the card came in a Kingston box and the floppy drive disk says:
    "ISA PnP Ethernet Adapter"
    "ET16/P Family for Artisoft"

    "Version 1.07"

    and on the card it looks like a realtek chipset...
    it is a BNC/Copper card....

    dose anyone have any suggestion for me to try/do?
    Any Help is greatly appreciated..
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