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    Terminal over subnet locks up

    Odd thing...

    server1 and server2 are on different subnets.

    From server1: ssh username@server2

    I can then work normally on the terminal that gets created... except if I do anything that has a lot of lines -- then the console locks up and I have to exit (even ctrl-C does not work).

    So for example if I do any of the below it causes a lockup since these generate a lot of terminal lines:
    ls /dev
    cat bigfile.sql

    People here had also had trouble in Windows world doing RDP over these subnets but applying SP3 to their clients fixed it for them.

    The really odd thing is that if I VPN into the subnet for server1 then do ssh to server2 the problem is not seen.

    Any ideas appreciated!

    Some details:
    -UbuntuServer 8.0.4 running inside of VMWare hosted by Windows 2003 Server
    -Problem is seen regardless of client (other Ubuntu box, Cygwin, Windows console telnet, etc.)
    -Problem seen for SSH, RSH, and Telnet - anything that connects a terminal
    -there are two subnets and
    -UbuntuServer has static IP adx
    -/etc/resolve.conf has nameserver entries for both subnets
    -UbuntuServer is not using a lot of resources (it has plenty of mem and cpu)

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    This turned out to be a network issue not releated to Linux.

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