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    Need help w/home network

    Hello world!

    I'm writing to you from Chile, Southamerica, and need a little help with my tiny home netwk.

    Hope you can give me a hand because this thing is breaking my balls.

    This is what i have:
    1 windows box with XP pro (server)
    1 linux box with DSL (box)
    1 wrt54gl router with dd-wrt
    2 wireless cards, both w/atheros chipsets
    1 eth card in the win box

    ..and this is what i want:
    A few days ago my stereo became >/dev/null, so instead of buying a new one i prefered to set up an old pc.. i mean OLD .. let's say.. a p1 100mhz, 64MB ram, 2Gb hdd, as the new remote-controlled home stereo. Basically it would load playlists stored in the windows box, play some fm radio and CD. Before starting to build and configure the infrared-stuff i'd like to finish setting up the network. There's where i need help.

    What have i done?
    - set the linux box up (
    - connected it via wifi to the router.
    - wired the winbox to the router.
    - configured the router as AP (
    - configured the winbox to share files and printers as well as the inet connection ( with the xp wizard.
    - configured some shared folders.

    - linbox sees winbox and can connect to internet.
    - winbox doesn't see linbox neither itself.. nothing shows up in network neighborhood.. net view? nothing.
    - linbox can't see winbox shares.

    i've tried many things.. all that you can try in 5 days.. but nothing seems to work.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading!

    Juan Pedro

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    Linux Engineer rcgreen's Avatar
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    To start with, the linux box must be set up with

    so that it can see windows shares and share its
    folders with windows.

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    hi rcgreen, in fact i've already installed the samba.dsl extension for dsl. It loads the LinNeighborhood window and only the linbox appears, BUT linbox is still getting ping responses from winbox.
    Strange as hell isn't it?

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    Linux Engineer rcgreen's Avatar
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    And of course you have to enable file and printer sharing
    in Windows, and designate some folder as shared. In my experience,
    the windows shares are fairly easy to see from Linux, but configuring
    Samba properly so that Windows box can see Samba shares..That's a little
    more work. It's all about passwords.

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    Could it be a problem with the winbox? because the basic things are already set: file/printer & inet sharing. The ips are also statically set, the net addr is, the mask is linux can see everything, windows can't. Also, trying to configure the net in the winbox, something happened and now i don't have inet in linux, BUT now i can ping the linbox from windows.. just by its IP btw. from linux i can ping by IP and by name.
    Everyone keeps saying that it is very easy to do, so i don't understand why it doesn't work! I'm really hating this..

    Maybe the router?

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    xxx doesn't see yyy
    Not sure I get you problem. Do you use ping?

    What I would do first: I would make sure everybody can ping everybody - so you know from a networking point of view everything is OK. And then start with the Windows BIOS windows neighborhood stuff because that's a nightmare ...
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