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    Anyone using IPX ?


    Is anyone in the world (besides me) using IPX with Linux?

    If so, do you have RIP/SAP working?

    I have it working fine on old Debian 3.1 machine with 2.4 Kernels. I cannot get RIP/SAP to work on my newer kernel version 2.6 machines.

    Any comments would be appreciated,


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    General Linux IPX/RIP/SAP Config

    Kernel 2.6.15 Config Option

    Old daemons to support RIP/SAP

    Linux IPX How To


    Configuring your Linux machine to act as a router is very
    straightforward. The steps you must take are:

    1. Build your kernel with IPX, Ethernet and /proc support.

    2. Obtain, compile and install the ipxd daemon program.

    3. Boot the new kernel and ensure that each of the Ethernet cards has
    been properly detected and there are no hardware conflicts.

    4. Enable the IPX protocol on each of the interfaces using the
    ipx_interface command described above.

    5. Start the ipxd daemon program.
    Start the routing daemons
    The kernel software itself actually does the IPX packet
    forwarding as it does for IP, but the kernel requires additional
    programs to manage the routing table updates. In the case of IPX
    two daemons are needed and both are supplied with lwared:
    ipxripd manages the IPX routing information and ipxsapd manages
    the SAP information. To start the daemons you need only specify
    the location of where they should write their log messages:
    # ipxripd /var/adm/ipxrip
    # ipxsapd /var/adm/ipxsap
    I actually still have my CNA for 6.5, but haven't had to run IPX in years.

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