I have a Caos linux server with XP SP2 & 2000 client machines. I am having two specific problems which seem to revolve around network file/print sharing. Printing first. I've got an XP client machine with a printer connected that seems to periodically stop other machines on the LAN printing to it. The problem only seems to occur when a user is logged on to the machine connected to the printer, ie, if no user is logged on it will allow printing all day long. Once a user logs on it won't let other machines print. When a print job is sent the machine gives the error message "Printing failed when starting the document". If the user on the printer machine logs off all works again. It is possible to get the printer to work with both users logged on together with several restarts of both machines, but after a period of time the problem returns without warning. When printing isn't possible the printer properties cannot be opened across the network, but can on the machine connected to the printer.

The second problem is similar & involves an XP machine & a 2000 machine. Same type of problem but this is regarding file sharing between the two machines, exactly the same symptoms as the first problem.

All machines can always access the server, view & use files on it when these problems occur. It is only communication between the client machines which id affected.

I've tried various things without success (disabling the windows firewall service, adjusting the lanmanworkstation & lanmanserver timouts in the registry of all machines) and am now stuck for further things to try.