I have just migrated to the Linux kernel version 2.4.20 on my old
Dell Latitude CPi A, and am experiencing problems with networking
through the PCMCIA ethernet adapter, a 3Comm Model 3CCFE575BT.

The symptom is extremely slow throughput; for example during FTP
of large files, the rate is under 20 kB/sec. Running the same
transfers under Windows 2000, I get more like 10 MB/sec. Also,
this card worked fine under my earlier Linux driver, which was the
3C575_CB driver in the 2.4.5 kernel. A hint could be that the
transfers seem to start off rather fast, but then get slower and

Hoping that it's of any help in finding the problem, I enclose the
output of lspci -v and dmesg. Let me know if there is anything else
I can try to get more information for you.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide in figuring out
what the problem might be.