I am trying to install lancard driver , i am using Adcom lancard and i am using redhat 8.0

[root@hello linux-2.4.x]# make clean
rm -f *.o
[root@hello linux-2.4.x]# make
gcc -DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ -I/usr/src/linux-2.4/include -O NS -c -o pci-scan.o pci-scan.c
In file included from pci-scan.c:67:

/usr/src/linux-2.4/include/linux/malloc.h:4:2: #error linuxab.h instead.
make: *** [pci-scan.o] Error 1

[root@hello linux-2.4.x]# insmod pciscan.o
insmod: pciscan.o: No such file or directory

for reference readme of landriver is provided :-

************************************************** ***
Myson MTD80X Based Fast Ethernet Card

Linux 2.4.X Driver Installation Guide
************************************************** ***

3. Make network adapter driver modules
touch *
make clean

*Under some distribution, such as SuSe 7.2 and BluePoi
nt 2.0, there is no version.h.
You have to run "make config" or "make menuconfig" at
/usr/src/linux to create it.

**If you are using Mandrake 8.0/RedHat 7.3 and you have
problems when insmod the dirver, please
remove "-DMODVERSIONS" option from makefile.

**When use the driver under RedHat 7.3, you will see so
me warning message,
you can ignore it.

***On SMP system, the driver may NOT work well. The bug
will be fixed in the future.

4. Insert network adapter driver modules

insmod pciscan.o
insmod mtd80x.o 5. Bind your card to an IP address

ifconfig eth0 {IPADDR} netmask {NETMASK}

6. Now, you should be able to ping local network.

*Every time you reboot the system, you must execute step 4
and step 5
again to bind your card.