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    File transfer to windows

    Hi there, linux noob here... My windows installation on my PC recently failed, and there is some data I want to recover (using a linux livecd seems to be the best course of action). Unfortunately, the data consists of about 20GB of music and I don't have an external hard drive to aid in the rescue. My question is, is it possible to connect my laptop (windows) to the PC and transfer the files across the network? If so, could someone link me a tutorial or something on how to do this? (like I said, very little linux experience here). Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You can do this, but it's a little fiddly if you dont already have a network. The process is to connect the machines using a small hub or switch device with a network cable to each (although you can connect them directly with a different kind of network cable), set both machines to network using static IP addresses, and then use windows networking to browse the local lan.

    It might be easier to transfer the files a few at a time by a USB memory stick or other an SD card. Your Linux live CD might even give you access to a cd-burner if one exists on the broken computer, so you might even be able to burn the files you need to disk.

    If you want to press on with setting up your own network you might find some help on the Linux Home Networking website, which I found in 15 seconds using Google.
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