Hi all,

I am a linux newbie, i am using Fedora core2 now, i have been sucked by installing the my wireless network card driver for more than one weeks...

My wireless card is compex WLU11A, i have download the linux driver from the site http://www.cpx.com/driver.asp?pp=1&p=WLU11A and i believe that i still need a usb patch for kernel 2.6, so i downlaod the patch from http://atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net/downloads.html .

but when i followed the instruction "gzip -cd your_download_path/patch-atmel_reset.gz | patch -p1" from the above website, it told me that "patch-atmel_reset.gz" is not in gzip format.....

how should i deal with it?? after gz the patch, should i recompile the kernel?? and after install the patch, should i need to download and install the atmelwlandriver-, or just use the driver provided from the compex website?

thanks a lot