Hey guys

Completely new to Linux. Installed YDL on my PS3. Everything seemed to be going well. Until I realised the connection in use was Wi Fi.

I removed it, as I'd rather have it wired, & now I cant get either to work.

Been searching online for hours. I only come accross Wi Fi tutorials, & a guide to "switching" Wi Fi to Wired, which doesnt help.

Every time I try these steps, written on the Terrasoft site (su -, rm e.c.t, e.c.t, novo e.c.t) I go back into the Network Settings area, the Wireless device is back again.

Wired Network runs fine in the PS3's XMB, always has before & still is. Along with the rest of my network, 2x PCs, PSP, Wii, a Laptop, 2x Xboxes.

Please help, this is driving me crazy.