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    Central PC as a gateway ?

    i have a small network at my home, and i want to make a central server that acts as a gateway , this central server should do the following besides being a gateway :

    1- dhcp server
    2- dns server
    3- traffic limiting : limit the up/down bandwidth for a specific ip in my internal network ( i really want to know how to do this )

    first i want to know what is the best linux/unix distro that can do this , i read that BSDs are good as gateways ?
    second , i want to know how to setup a dhcp server, dns server , and to limit the traffic on that OS.


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    Get a seperate PC for this, an old P4 or even a P3, and set it up with Smoothwall, and set it as the gateway to the seperate IP for your network. You can run the pc headless and leave it on, so nobody is relying on your personal PC to be running for these services.

    You configure all that dhcp/dns/traffic stuff with the web interface, and its quite easy.
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