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    Unable to start network interface


    (sorry for my bad English)

    I'm trying to configure an US Robotics (USR5423) wirless usb adapter on Fedora 9. the device is detected, and i'm trying to configure a wireless connection.
    When I want to activate the device using
    #service network restart
    # /etc/init.d/network restart
    the following errors are shown:

    Shutting down device wlan0 - [Failed]

    Bringing up interface wlan0 - [Failed]
    : Error for wireless request "set mode" (8B06) :
    SET failed on device wlan0 : Invalid argument

    Determining IP information for wlan0... Failed

    After these error messages the SE troubleshoot browser pops out with an AVC denial:

    Summary: SELinux is preventing the semodule from using potentially mislabeled files (/home/Teis/.xsession-errors)
    It tells me that i have to relabel the file and the whole directory using restorecon.
    After doing this, and restarting the network services, the errors (and the acv denial) were still there

    I realy hope someone can help me (please explain everything clear, I'm not a Linux expert )

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    You're seeing lots of things happen, but only one real failure. The problem seems to be that your network isn't assigning you an IP address. You either need to turn on the DHCP server on your wireless router or set a static IP address for your network card on the Linux machine. Of course, it could be that DHCP is working and you're unable to connect because of the security system on the wireless network.

    The 'Set failed' message I see all the time on my old laptop and never stopped it working so I never fixed it.

    The SELinux console tells you how to sort that problem out, read the report, but it's only a SE permission issue on your X session error log.

    You might want to try using NetworkManager to configure your wireless lan, it will do the config as needed rather than in advance. It'll also manage any security on the wireless lan.
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