Hi. I have a little problem with IDLE option in PPPD.

This is a small server intended to be used in a small organization with few economic recurses.

The box, is a Pentium 166 Mhz with 128Mb RAM, and, due to hardware limitations, the distro installed was RH 8.0 with original kernel.

To connect to Internet, we use a single analogic line (dial-up). The ISP provides Public IP Address, and does not filter any traffic over the link.

PPPD was configurated to use options DEMAND+IDLE. Idle timeout is set at 10 seconds, but have the next problem:
Due to incomming traffic to ports 135,139,445, etc (generally used by virus activity), the "idle" timeout was never reached.

Can you help to me to use the "idle" option for monitoring only the outgoing traffic activity?