Hi guys, for the past two days I`ve been searching to expand my knoledge in Linux clustering so I can cuccesefully buld a beowulf cluster. But, along the way I have few questions that I found to be purely anwsered or really confising for a total newbie in clustering like me.

1. I understand that the name Beowulf stands for the principle in aranging the hardware in a cluster. Correct me if I`m wrong

2. When I get the machines connected to each other, whats the next step? Installing the software, but what software will make the applications work in parralel ? I read about MPI and OpenMOSIX but, which one of them do I need to install on the machines or maybe both?

3. Are there any allready-written open source programs for modeling, calculation or making models in parralel and how do I install them>

Thanks in advance to whoever clears things up for me.